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Mrs. Aysha Ali Abdilali

Mrs. Aysha Ali Abdilali, 59 year old lady had been suffering from crippling osteoarthritis of both knee joints and had difficulty in conducting even the activities of daily living for more than 4 years now. She decided to fly to Unity Hospital, Mangalore India where she was given two new knee joints (Total Knee Replacement) at our center of Excellence for joint replacements. After 2 weeks she returned back to her homeland, Somalia, minus the pain, with two new knee joints and countless fond memories.

Mr. Mohammed Soubane

Mr. Mohammed Soubane, a 64 year old official from Djibouti, flew over to Unity Hospital, Mangalore, India, in the wake of sudden weakness in his legs.

On arrival he was immediately transported on a mobile ICU to our neuro-intensive care and subsequently diagnosed to be suffering from Guillane Barre Syndrome, a potentially life threatening neurological disease. After 2 weeks of advanced neurological care and treatment he recovered fully and travelled back to his homeland, a man glad to have received timely treatment at Unity.

Master Suhayb

Master Suhayb, aged 11years, from Hergesia, Somalia, has been suffering from difficulty to walk since birth due to a neurological problem called Spastic Diplegia. The expert Team at Unity Hospital, consisting of Dr. Harris, (consultant pediatrician), Dr. Rakshith (consultant neurologist), Dr. Rizwan (consultant pediatric orthopedician), evaluated him and conducted a major reconstructive surgery of both legs. After a period of 3 weeks this boy was mobilised by a dedicated team of physiotherapists and he walked out of the hospital on his own two legs.