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Successful Re-plantation of Fore arm done at Unity Hospital

In a freak accident on April 2, a forty year old female, Usha M from Nileshwar Kerala sustained avulsion amputation of the left hand at forearm level when the hand got caught inside a coconut grinding machine while at work at Nileshwar, Kerala.

The hand was retrieved from inside the machine and the patient was timely referred to the Unity hospital in the city. The orthopaedic and microsurgery team of Unity hospital lead by Dr B Sachidanada Rai, anaesthesia team lead by Dr Razak, successfully reimplanted the hand within 6 hrs from injury.

The wound was debrided followed by fixation of the fractures and finally the tendons, nerves, veins and arteries were repaired. The patient had good post operative recovery and is doing well. The hand is expected to be functional by eight months of time, which is the time for the nerves to grow completely.