Python Exercise: Map two lists into a dictionary Last update on October 02 2020 12:34:12 (UTC/GMT +8 hours) There are three different ways of converting two lists into key:value pair dictionary. List stores the heterogeneous data type and Dictionary stores data in key-value pair. To convert a Python list to dictionary, use list comprehension, and make a key: value pair of consecutive elements. Convert two lists to dictionary. Take a look: Values of the first list will be the key to the dictionary and corresponding values of the second list will be the value of the dictionary. Convert a List to Dictionary with the same values. Much like the comprehension we used in the first lesson, a dictionary comprehension allows us to generate a dictionary in a single expression. Lists and Dictionaries are two data structure which is used to store the Data. Our program will ask the user to enter the values for both lists and then it will create one dictionary by taking the values. Combine Lists into Python Dictionary There are so many methods to convert two lists into a dictionary as a key value, but we will only study here the most common and efficient way. Created: January-17, 2021 . Before jumping into the tutorial, let’s see an example of converting a list into a dictionary. Converting a list to a dictionary in Python is not that much hard. Convert a list of tuples to the dictionary. I am a beginner on python.. In this program, we use the python built-in zip() and dict() functions. How to Convert Python list To dictionary. Greetings.. Intro. How to convert list to dictionary in Python. Finally, typecast the list to dict type. Let’s check out different ways to convert a list into a dictionary. However, in this python program, we are allowing the user to … names=["ashwini","ashish","arya"] In this python programming tutorial, we will learn how to create a dictionary from two different user input lists. We will have a list of tuples (each tuple consists of two elements) or just a list of elements. As of Python 2.7 and of course Python 3.0, we have the option to use a dictionary comprehension. Lets look at them one by one (using above given example): 1) Naive method: By simply declaring a dictionary and then running a nested loop for both lists and assigning key:value pairs. Between two given positions in the list: products[2:4] Putting It All Together The real power of Python lists can be better appreciated when we use them to store more complex data structures than integers, floats, or strings. i need to build a dictionary with specific match condition from both lists … The zip() is a Python built-in function and this function is used to Make an iterator that aggregates elements from each of the iterables. Using Regex , i have a build two lists from configuration file. Use zip() and dict() to Convert Two Lists to Dictionary in Python ; Use Dictionary Comprehension to Convert List to Dictionary in Python Use the for Loop to Convert List to Dictionary in Python ; This tutorial will introduce how to convert two lists into a dictionary in Python wherein one list contains the dictionary’s keys, and the other contains the values. Example 2: Zip Two Lists of Equal Length into a Dictionary. In this python program, we will learn how to map two lists into a dictionary. This Python map two lists into a Dictionary code is the same as above. #initializing lists Program to map two lists into a Dictionary Example 3. Convert Two Lists with a Dictionary Comprehension. Here, we are converting the Python list into dictionary.

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