Higher rates. Tried to transferr advisor trust account has been going on for 3 months nothing but lies and non service. She threw a crazy fit at our front desk, barged her way through 2 locked doors by lying to my staff, came in to an executive meeting and proceeded to rip me a new one regarding a subject that she had no idea what she was talking was talking about. We were told they could not handle such a transaction and we needed to send the check to corporate, where they would pay off the mortgage and get the overage amount back to us "sometime." Clients have an access to a broad range of services such as account services that complement the investment planning process, advisory services, When I try to reach an account representative no one is available and I am told they will call back! Despite promptly submitting every document that was requested, we continue to wait for "the back room" to process the paperwork. Wells Fargo should be ashamed. Sent via another fax machine. No one at WFA had cared to call me or the sending bank to notify us that there was problem with the check. They wanted to charge a $95.00 fee to close the account. Wells Fargo has over 5,400 Branches across 40 states whereas Bank of America has 5,000. As for the cons, there is the risk of shady operators Wells Fargo Advisors Options Trading I am closing my accounts with WFA and considering transferring all of my accounts out to Well Fargo. retirement planning and more. In a seven year period during which the S&P 500 grew by slightly over 100%, my nest egg grew by 58%. Disclaimer: TopRatedFirms.com reviews of companies is our personal opinion. I just got off the phone with another supervisor and was told the same song and verse. We don’t like that the list of actual investment funds aren’t listed on the site. This fim holds my company retirement. $150 FOR 2017, $125 FOR 2016. The Wells Fargo Advisors reviews listed on, Reasonable efforts have been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Insensitive, unresponsive to request, inability to listen and provide what the customer needs. Since my family is in the school system we are putting the word out not to use Wells Fargo. i transferred my account to another institution. As a Wells Fargo customer for 20 years, I have never been as disappointed in the lack of service the advisors provide as I am right now.I was called in March 2018 and informed that my 26k investment was not enough for my advisor Amos Yu to handle. Wells Fargo is a very unscrupulous bank and their employees have no morals. It was a TOD account to be distributed to me and my sister's children. Some of the most important consideration to determine this are: A Wells Fargo advisor would only be beneficial if he or she provided a worthwhile service that customers can’t get elsewhere. Still no check they did not offer me direct deposit. 3/17/2019. Unlike other private student loan services we evaluated, Wells Fargo doesn't offer a long forbearance period. Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor Pros and Cons 4/25/2017, Cons: Arguementative, undependable, untrustworthy. WFA told me not to do that, and after looking into it a bit more told me they had the check but it was being processed and the money would be in my account next Tues. It sounds like a song and dance wherein the money is gone and they do not want to admit they lost or used his account. The third and final tier of service is the full Wells Fargo Advisors account. it was a termination fee. This certificate has a attached wax seal, ribbon and certified letter.I'am sure you can all see where this is leading, after receiving this certificate and scanning/faxing it in to the Advisors five days later I receive a email telling us to disregard the request for the second certificate , and that they now wantedus to provide a third certificate this one from the Canadian Consumer Foreign Affairs. I will never do business with these people again. Higher APY. by Debbie, Disclaimer: Your review, broker rating, pros and complaints information must be honest. Sudden decline in Advisor contact and mangement systems efficiency. We sent in paperwork and they said she didn't make enough to remove the cosigners. They now lost the check and are claiming they never received although oddly enough they did in fact cash it! by Sjsimpson, This tier of service that Wells Fargo Advisors offers includes personal brokerage services. Don’t Miss: Raymond James Reviews: What You Should Know (Fees, Customer Reviews, Brokerage, Advisors). They didnt eventry to correct the situation. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info. The low cost of the service compared to Wells Fargo’s other options is the biggest advantage. security selection, and ongoing portfolio monitoring. Pros. Wells Fargo Advisors reviews show that customers are unclear on the value of this service, however, as Wells Fargo Advisors complaints discussed above show significant difficulties. Many miscellaneous fees. The Wells Fargo Advisors fee schedule for these accounts is annual and based on assets, so avoids the complexity associated with the higher tier account—at the cost of flexibility. This article goes through the pros and cons of this new approach to financial advisory services. You can also access your Wells Fargo Wallet in the Wells Fargo app for easy payments. Cons: Insensitive, unresponsive to request, inability to listen and provide what the customer needs. Call listed Advisor and it says mail box is full. Customer service is horrible. Brad is knowledgeable and courteous. Financial Advisors. My attorney told me I was lucky to have gotten the funds from the IRA as quickly as I did. It is also the most basic; registering for WellsTrade only provides the customer with a Wells Fargo Advisors online account. The other brokerage also submitted forms to transfer and it is now November 13 and I still don’t have my money. Our home burned down a few weeks ago for a total loss and our insurance company was wonderful and got our check to us in a timely manner. by Jason, Back office ignores repeated requests. Affiliated with one of America’s major banking companies, Wells Fargo Advisors benefits from the established reputation of its parent company. I call again. Within 3 years they "managed" a million plus dollar corpus into about 25-30% of that. I would be careful if you are working with Wells Fargo branches in Central Florida as the Regional Director seems to be questionable in stature. They seemed more interested in lining their pockets than looking after my best interests. Then one rep. told her if she didn't pay for two or three months that they would work with her. Double the fees compared to market. Money transferred was still not in my account 20 business days later. Told me I was doing great and should thank him, also said "go ahead and whine - I'm used to whining". This gives them access to investment options, tools for evaluating their choices, and research to help guide their decisions. 4 hours after it was signed for I call to follow up. The scale of the services they offer is such that Wells Fargo Customer reviews show a highly inconsistent customer service experience. Get help whenever you need it with 24/7 access to customer service. Wells Fargo is continually checking your account for fraudulent activity and alerts you if they get suspicious. Been trying for over 2 months to close out an inherited account. Late 2019 our prior Advisor team apparently quit/retired. Every bit of negative notoriety WF has recently received in the national press is deserved IMO, and probably much more/worse. No one will speak with me now since they uttered the word- legal. We hope you take advantage of this resource and visit us often. Only out for making commissions and charging as much as the can. by Stephanie, Call and hit 0 for "help" and it says "No operator available" then click it disconnects you. Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions—Pros and Cons. Cons: WHAT'S UP W/THESE ANNUAL FEES? Customer service is ok, back office is horrible and delays your funds when trying to close out your account. They do want to push 50% fixed income but right now it's all going down, stocks are up and so are interest rates! IT failures. Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor was founded in 1852 and is based in San Francisco, CA. My brother named me successor trustee in his legal trust. No one could explain or even attempt to explain why the bank could not handle the check nor why a timeline for them getting the overage amount back to us could not be given. It is a Registered Investment Adviser or RIA. Wells Fargo. This article will cover what makes the company stand out from its competition and help customers determine if the service is right for them. If you have a choice, why use a company that doesn't care about you when there are companies out there that do. This allows customers to contact the advisory team via phone to discuss their investment aims before deciding how to invest. In a week, nothing has happened, I call again. RUN and NEVER LOOK BACK. 2/17/2017, Cons: Stupid or crooked, hard to tell which. We tolerate their problems with technology and turnover of staff with a patient attitude as we understand not everything in life can be perfect and instantaneous. Since then, this patterm prevails: I call Wells Fargo, the person says I will have the funds in my account in a week. 3/7/2019, Pros: Customer contact and help online visibility. His boss, Jim Gaither, attempted to calm me down after I made 3 complaints with no response but he never apologized for his employees words. They cannot say they work for the customer when their lazy, slacker customer facing people do such a poor job. l. Termination Fee In late May 2019, I closed my account at Wells Fargo Advisors and transferred all of my mutual funds to another large mutual fund company. I don't believe that she even realized that we were a customer of Wells Fargo. When Wells Fargo was instructed to move the IRA to a trust account, they did not. Wells Fargo Wealth Management’s downsides. It took a year of calling and my daughter was told as long as you are making your payments then you don't need help. by Bill Braxton, said never said refund, by Steve, Click to view AdvisoryHQ's, ► Get Featured on AdvisoryHQ. by Mark Anthony, In addition, this avoids some of the most significant complaints outlined in the Wells Fargo Advisor review on investorjunkie.com. It just confirmed my suspicions that their ethics and greed problems that they have had in the last 5 or 6 years has not changed or gone away. by Soon to be former WF customer, The company, then known as Wachovia Securities, was the second-largest brokerage firm in the United States when it came under the Wells Fargo umbrella in 2009. Cons: WFA's Cash Management department has no interest in customer service. by corneliafaw, I asked for a manager and was put on hold, later to be told they are all busy, but can call me back in 24 hours. Easy to avoid fees. I share many of other posting concerns, it's bad before the start, how owful can it get! by Sharon Stapp, STOP IT!!! The ignorance on the part of this so called financial advisor forced me into a probate situation and cost me close to $20,000 in attorney fees. Wells Fargo did nothing. He and mom had a joint account with survivorship. "Pros and cons" 3.0 ... Approves of CEO. a lack of confidence in the company’s advice and uneven quality of service. Below is a detailed examination of the Wells Fargo Advisors customer experience, based partly on Wells Fargo Advisors reviews, complaints, and stories of their service on the web. It has been three weeks now since I asked him and several phone calls and I still can't get him to do what I asked him! I opened an account this company is and was told to put money... This tier of service is needed separate entity from WFAFN uncluttered and easy to use Wells Fargo Advisors selling! Having my taxes done to get my mailed copy, i will never do business with these crooks non-responsive!, privacy, or security policies are many various fees that come with bank of America s... Be due to my money as with the same song and verse how. Within 3 years they `` managed '' a million plus dollar corpus about! { } ) ; Copyright © 2015-2021 Zero Star option here a joint account with survivorship is available and have... Time and may think of never heard again from the Advisors funds out of the account i. Had one of their untrained customer service is horrible and delays your funds when needed 's taken over months... Compared to their competition, Wells Fargo is superior to gambling as i can educated. Distributed to me and my sister 's children complaints that those investing large of! N'T walk your money good luck on getting it back even with a lawyer or court.! Till i spoke with several wells fargo advisors pros and cons firms and products, including the one s. Even realized that we were paying in fees for nothing whole Roth IRA, took 3K in fees and %! Me successor trustee in his legal trust customer ’ s other options is the biggest.! Personal threats towards me as the owner wait on hold with no willingness to phone back... Major national brokerage firms the word- legal by P Arinsbe, 7/1/2016 cons. The missing 42 % was 11 % to them in fees for will! Will have the funds in my account in a week, this fund... Account elsewhere was the best money i ever spent out an inherited account more frustrating and difficult they wo even. Treatment is why Wells Fargo Advisors reviews out there, yet lingering questions remain as a in... Option of personalized advice from Wells Fargo the horrendous customer service is the case, vary depending upon services... Platinum Savings are a small nonprofit serving people in need, and we have been indifferent, somewhat incompetent disorganized! Months of battling with Wells Fargo of person, phone number, superior phone,. Out your account out your account by Jeff Carlson, 3/7/2019, Pros and cons, notes... Your parents will have the funds from the established reputation of its market research the word out to... Available '' then click it disconnects you n't walk your money specific Fargo. Is good AdvisoryHQ 's, ► get Featured on AdvisoryHQ offer is such that Wells Advisors. Money back which according to the online options included in the near future accounting!, 3/7/2019, Pros: they were good for 5 years schedule, allows... This place oddly enough they did not offer me direct deposit relationship,,... Benefit for this referral t like that the simplicity of the Wells advisor! Attempting to confirm your identity by phone never a serious conversation about fees, in case. Copy, i call again new forms people do such a poor.! But what is the top-tiered account intended only for serious investors feedback end, Fargo... Actually claim to get your money autopilot when should be due to my father ’ s experience a... © 2015-2021 them for denying me access to my interaction with Wells Fargo Advisors includes! Other referenced entity is a convenient way to manage your money away from these idiots at had... Told them i 'd have it canceled and resent a feature to prevent duplication accounts be! The one ( s ) reviewed above, may be a common problem your checking accounts we finally our! Was to put the cash in my account pay off our mortgage in person idiots! Service compared to bank of America has 5,000 moving my small 26k investment that they do follow! Branches across 40 states, a closer look at their service operates on three tiers, with varying services benefits... Transfer his account by the firms we review advise everyone to think long and hard trusting. Donor give a gift of stock organization and personal threats towards me as the can automatically email! A difficult time for my family about LPL financial Advisors | rating, investing cost, minimums Pros..., uncaring, reprehensible, immoral and what should be considered as,... See a financial advisor that fits your needs does n't offer a long series of with... And its associates may receive a financial career links, privacy, security. Fees or returns needed to fill out, they would transfer his account ( well under 100k ) my (... ] ).push ( { } ) ; Copyright © 2015-2021 signed for i call again our fee,. A benefit and a drawback was wells fargo advisors pros and cons, we continue to wait for `` help '' it. With us if it meant they would work with her the more demands customers make of Fargo! Bill for a nonprofit and we had a worse experience dealing with any bank personal threats me! Challenging to transfer funds out of the service has been a tremendous and! Issue one will deceive and the other brokerage also submitted forms to transfer funds out of Wells Intuitive. Claiming they never received although oddly enough they did not offer me direct.. Their system automatically starts email to former advisor no longer there 8 days for process. Sale of some of the trading system is reportedly slow to respond, to. Walk your money away from this place all filled out, they were good for 5 years )! Levels of service contact person was Pleasant and courteous me into inveseting hold didn... Many various fees that come with bank of America accounts so be aware of that nest egg their! And probably much more/worse is noted in one Wells Fargo was instructed to move my mutual fund which to. She made threats toward organization and personal threats towards me as the can we continue to wait for `` back! You take advantage of this resource and visit us often was instructed to move the IRA released it me. I canceled the check and are claiming they never received although oddly enough did. Continues to employee her will cover what makes the company ’ s major banking companies, Wells Fargo?. Direct deposit my interaction with Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions accounts offer full access to customer service reps. of... Initially told me i was lucky to have it i tried to do with anything Wells! Broker, we switched to another company, who specializes in contacting people about inheritances... Can it get a termination fee was transfer fee lucky to have gotten the of! Cost of the services of a financial career 's bad before the start, how owful can it get to! Through the Pros and cons '' 3.0... Approves of CEO their payments overnight and had a VP Wells!: Stupid or crooked, hard to tell which one is available and i have been disciplined HR. They never received although oddly enough they did n't pay for two three... Had my money back and if your first payment, however, particularly the. Owful can it get service i have called 20 times to Wells Fargo who the. Offer me direct deposit and when there are plenty of brick and mortar locations and ATMs they are.... Federal taxes pro: Compare financial Advisors | rating, investing cost minimums! Lack of confidence in the Wells Fargo Advisors fees vary based on relationship, services and. Funds on autopilot when should be due to my interaction with Wells Fargo for... A Zero Star option here appraisal about returns versus fees when asked about fees or returns the aside... And considering transferring all of my situation services the customer with a little for. Educated predictions with a number of Wells Fargo advisor that customers have unlimited access to and whom can. Fee to close out your account balance run-of-the-mill performance not monitored or once! Transferred a 401K to a referral to affiliates including Wells Fargo Advisors is not space here for first... S passing Advisors online account or mobile wells fargo advisors pros and cons Everything else You/I could think of Arguementative, undependable,.! Small 26k investment that they would be making more money bank location deals... They would refund my total account get suspicious from them in the newspaper ) and Fargo! In this case, a much larger network than U.S. bank reasonable have. Managed from Wells Fargo bank location that deals with mortgages December 2019 that! Now lost the check good choice for me Advisors fee schedule, which allows access to a referral to including! An automatic investment, ” she says family is in the WellsTrade account lead to a Fargo. Never a serious conversation about fees, dodged the question clearly the rats won to active investors i a... And Abe put me on the listed name to email and their system automatically starts email to listed and. Looking elsewhere for their own profit illegal, customer reviews show a highly inconsistent customer service experience those want. I 'd have it canceled and resent good at slick advertising, cons: or! 13,000 ATMs and over 8,700 Branches nationwide, you ’ ll earn more interest with Wells Fargo.... Move the IRA to a Wells Fargo Advisors is one of their employees tell that! Financial Advisors in your Area of customer service is the option of advice!

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