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Diamond eye Award for Unity Hospital

Diamond eye Award for Quality Commitment and Excellence

Unity Hospital has been honoured with 'Diamond eye Award for Quality Commitment and Excellence and total quality management accreditation for high quality performance and best customer satisfaction'. This was awarded to Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman, Chairman, Unity Care and Health Services Pvt. Ltd. on 28th of November 2011 at Geneva in Switzerland by the President, Mr. Charbel S. Tabet of Otherways Management and Consulting.

The selection is done by voting process carried by Internet and the information collected through media, Chamber of Commerce, embassies of different countries, and on-line macro polls that will decide the final award. More than 65 companies were awarded in over 100 countries and Unity Hospital was the only Hospital in the awarded list.

Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman responded to the award by highlighting the role of healthcare services in the society and the emerging role of Indian Health tourism. He said India is the best medical fraternity working in different parts of the world and quality health services is the emphasis through hospitals in India now.