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Nigerian Lady Walks after 10 years of bed rest

Unity Hospital makes a New Beginning in Health Tourism

Mrs. Evelyn Omoruddin citizen of Nigeria admitted at Unity Hospital on 13/01/10 with Non Union of Right Femur & Left tibia. She had an RTA in 2000 & sustained fracture femur (R) and fracture tibia (L ) & Fibula (L). She had underwent several operation for the same in Nigeria with no postive results. She was unable to walk and confined to the bed for last 10 years.

Mrs. Evelyn was referred by her collegue Mr. Benedict who underwent shoulder replacement surgery for his shoulder problem. On his advice, Mrs. Evelyn travelled all the way from Nigeria for treatment of her problem. After thorough Medical Examination by our surgical team consisting of Dr.Sachidananda Rai, Dr.Dinesh Kadam, Dr. Suresh Bhat, Dr. Sanjay Shahri & Dr. Mohd Ismail planned for a plating and Vascularised Febular Graft for the Femural Non Union & Inter Locking Nailing for tibial non union. After 6 weeks of surgery, she was made to walk with help of crutches.

Now she is able to move around with the help of crutches, she was very happy with the outcome and got discharged on 12/04/10.